Welcome to My Blog..

I have been working at IT area more than 15 years. Sometimes I was a front-end programmer, sometimes I was a back-end programmer, sometimes I was a linux server engineer. Until now, I have been getting information through internet suche as google, stackoverflow, naver(like google in south Korea) etc. It is very thankful. It may be sad thing though, If they are not existed in the world. I had to spend so much time to make programming output.

Time to time. I shared own my source code, my knowledge to my blog but It was not much. I thought something a few years ago It was that I share something I know for developers But I did not carry out that plan. So now I am on it. I am going to post what I did, my own useful source code, my experience to this blog. That's why I opened this blog.

Now even though I already had a blog for Korean, I am going to handle something in depth and post it, It is more depper than the blog. simple thing may be not sample, something is vert easy thing but makes me prudently. I will post someting that you fell sympathy. that is what I make this blog.I am going to open my source code, I have not had may source code though. I want other developers to review my source codes and than advice me. I will try to accept whatever advices are.

I did take any special topic, but i guess I may post follow cause I workd with them or I am interesting on them