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We are now preparing the tutorial. Sorry for inconvenience.


We have been trying to develop the framework for working on recently PHP new version well. That means we are not supporting it to work on old PHP version( less than 7.X.X ). Also we are not aiming to make it as a full stack framework(example Lalavel, CI, etc.. ). Nevertheless we support you to add libraries and helpers via on your projects. We explain you how to write your code on your projects as the full stack framework that is based on MVC design patten. As well as We try to accept and obey the rules of PSR(PHP Standards Recommendations)

#What is CafeLatte(CL) framework?

At its core, CafeLatte(CL) framework is a route that receives an HTTP request, invokes an appropriate callback routine, and returns an HTTP response.

#Recommend Initial Folder Structure

Many phpers/developers have write code as their own way. We spend lots of time to consider which structure is more secure, more common, more readable, more easies

As a result, we found the structure as below, You don't have to write code as below though, We strongly recommend you this way.

To be more secure, Your php code should be made on the upper folder against the document_root(public_html) , it can not be reach from user's requests directly.

├── composer.json
├── src
│   └── your_package_name(namespaceName) <======= We strongly recommend you use `namespace`.
│       ├── Controllers
│       │   └── TestController.php
│       ├── Models
│       │   └── TestModel.php
│       └── Libraries
├── logs
├── public_html  <======= assign a documentRoot path of your web server
│   └── .htaccess
│   └── index.php
├── vendor
│   └── composer
│   └── cafelatte



CafeLatte(CL) framework are embedded with 7 big functions and libraries below More information, click to each function.

#HTTP Request Processing Flow